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Wine Packaging & Bottling


PRE Bottling Wine Storage


Dry Good Availability

Wine Packaging & Bottling

We operate 2 Italian made filling lines on premise that are both suited to still wine bottling:

Line 1

  • Fimer – 9 Head Filler
  • 1,500 bottles per hour capacity
  • Cork & screw cap application (including WAK and Savin caps)

Line 2

  • AVE – 24 Head Filler
  • 6,000 bottle per hour capacity
  • Cork & Stelvin application

Both Lines:

  • 375ml, 750ml, 1 litre and 1.5 litre magnum formats.
  • Stand up and laydown packing configuration.
  • Carton printing
  • Bottle coding
  • DO reduction pre bottling, CO2 adjustments pre bottling
  • N2 and CO2 adjustments during bottling also available


Our in house Laboratory is available for all types of analysis, from the vineyard all the way through to post bottling production analysis. Services include:

  • Alcohol (Distillation)
  • Baume (crush, TA, pH)
  • Baume (juice by Hydrometer)
  • Specific Gravity
  • Titrate Acidity / pH
  • Volatile Acidity
  • Free & Total SO2
  • Dissolved CO2 (carbodoseur)
  • Dissolved O2
  • Turbidity
  • L-Malic Acid
  • Glucose & Fructose
  • Protein Stability
  • Cold Stability
  • Filterability
  • Micro Status (Sterility Check, Plating)
  • Bentonite Trial (Control + 4 rates)
  • Microscopic Analysis / Yeast

 A more extensive list of analysis is available on request.

PRE Bottling Wine Storage

We have varying sizes of tanks to ensure minimal ullages:

Our range includes:

  • 1100 Litre
  • 2200 Litre
  • 2500 Litre
  • 5000 Litre
  • 5200 Litre
  • 9000 Litre
  • 15,000 Litre storage capacity.

Portable small volume storage is also available on request. All wine is maintained to the highest standards from receival to despatch.


We have over 1000 square metres of warehouse storage on site. Our dedicated warehouse area is climate controlled to ensure your wine is stored at optimum temperature.

A daily pick and pack service is available for customers who wish to have their product distributed anywhere across the country. Simply send us an e-mail with delivery details. We then do the rest!

Dry Goods Availability

From the smallest to the largest producer, we are able to supply the best quality dry goods available at the most affordable cost.

Our suppliers Include:

  • VI Packaging
  • Cork Supply
  • Guala
  • Interpack
  • Enoplastic AU
  • OI and ORORA glass
  • Orora Stelvin
  • Cospak
  • Excel Packaging
  • Siegel Adhesives

We can assist with any custom dry goods that you may require.  We can also provide advice on suitability of various package requirements including labels.